ATLA - Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults

Registered Charity number: 1000008

Temporary Site - limited data and functions

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The Association’s web-site is currently being  re-structured to provide a better service to members and others interested in our work.  This temporary site provides a basic overview of general and membership information.

The new site will be fully featured with separate password-secured area for additional resources and features for members.  


Much of this site is open to help anyone with an interest in our work. This includes a range of resources and guides to help you on your way.

Members, having paid their subscriptions, have access to a wider range of resources, templates and  other materials  from the password protected area of the site. Please select the relevant access point below.

Click HERE to browse the general site

Click HERE to log in with Member ID & Password.

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Note: although the Members’ log-in button is shown, this temporary site does not support this function as yet